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"What Being a Plus Size Mother Means to You"

Good evening,

My girlfriend and I hope soon to be wife is a plus size woman and mother of 1 beautiful girl. When I first met her, I never seen her size to be an issue because I fell in love with how smart and beautiful she was from her inner self. Some times she second guess wearing certain things when she look so damn good in what she decides to put on her body. Just recently I became a fan of your website when she purchased the glasses and then she purchase a pair of white jeans that when she put them on, I couldn't help but smile because I felt like she finally found a website that takes just as much pride in providing and recognizing plus women as she does in making sure she's wearing something that a plus girl can wear. Being a plus size mother (from my view) to her means the world. She goes back and forth with dealing with not wanting to go into stores due to not finding something in her size that will fit her or just upset with not finding anything at all. She has her daughter in which I watch how her daughter, only 3 can see how some times my girlfriend feels down about finding things to wear daily , walks up to her mom and tell her "mommy, you're beautiful!" Size in all three of our eyes doesn't mean anything, because she faithfully take pride in making sure that her daughter is well dressed and also understands that beauty is not about size, but about what you, as an individual does to be happy with inner self that will appear beautiful in every outfit you decide to sport. Her size doesn't stop her from being a mother. Because she does everything a "skinny" mother can do , but better. She don't think she's too girly to be outside at the lake throwing rocks with her daughter nor does she have a problem with being in the heat for a long period of time. I know that your contest said what it means to be a plus size mother from a plus size mother, but I'm thankful to write as well because I'm thankful my girl, my world , my heart , my pride takes joy in going to your website and finding things that make her feel even more confident.